The Lutheran Food Pantry

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The Lutheran Food Pantry is now the second largest food pantry in the community, sponsored by the following seven churches: Zion Lutheran, First English Lutheran, Peace Lutheran, Calvary Lutheran, Christ Lutheran,  St. John’s Lutheran and Good Shepherd Lutheran.

These members of the Body of Christ have stepped up in numerous ways, including not only donations of food and money, but volunteers as well. We could not provide the level of service to the community that we do provide if we did not have the help and support of the member churches. 


JRM covers all financial shortfalls associated with the Food Pantry because this is one of our core missions and we do not want to impede the work done at the pantry due to of a lack of funding. In the past few years the JRM contributed $39,938 followed by $47,794 the following year. Most of the increase in support required was due to a decrease in corporate sponsors from grants and matching funds.

  • Average number of families served in the last two years went from 453 per month to 428 per month, with a high of 482 families being served in July.          
  • Over the past fiscal year, we gave away 276,556 pounds of food compared to 303,677 pounds of food the previous year.

Emergency Food Assistance Program

Recently the Lutheran Food Pantry began receiving food from a federal program, which is administered by the State through ADVOCAP. The program is called The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). This program provided us with 26,180 pounds of food in one year and helped to provide more food for those in need than otherwise possible. Utilizing this program has not put any unacceptable limitations on JRM’s ability to spread the love of Jesus Christ. Jericho Road Ministries received a document from the program that provides clear lines of what we can do and not do regarding faith. We are allowed to pray with people and to talk about Jesus’ love as long as it is not forced upon them or makes the receipt of assistance conditional. Jesus does not want us to force people to accept Him, He has given us free will, so The Lutheran Food Pantry sees this is an acceptable condition.

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